Potato and wheat sowing asversly affected due to shortage of urea and DAP fertilizer,

Prabhat Times
Jalandhar. Due to the non operationalisation of trains in Punjab, the farmers and agriculture has been hit hard.
The farmers of the state are protesting against the three new laws introduced by the central government relating to agriculture due to which rail traffic has been hit.
But this along with decision of union government to stop movement of good trains in Punjab has hit the agriculture and viz a viz the farmers.
Talking to us a farmer Kanwaljeet Singh said that the farmers’ leaders had vacated the railway track for the transportation of paddy and for the arrival of fertilizer for sowing of potatoes and wheat.
But in spite of this goods trains are not being run. He said this has created a big problem for the farmers of Punjab.
Another farmer Biker Singh daud that due to non-lifting of paddy from the mandis, stock has piled up in the mandis, due to which the situation is deteriorating.
The farmer further said that the biggest problem now is that sowing of potatoes has started, sowing of wheat is about to start but the farmers are getting neither urea nor DAP fertilizer.